Turkeys & Eagles Board game

Turkeys and Eagles™ BOARD GAME is a unique and novel tool that aims to start uplifting and meaningful conversations around FAITH & CHARACTER.

Box Contents include:
Starter Pack – 325 Cards 65 Eagle cards | 65 Turkey Cards | 65 Wisdom cards | 130 Thought Cards

Turkeys & Eagles Booster Pack

The booster pack gives you an additional 195 playing cards to add to the starter pack you received in the Turkeys and Eagles board game. These additional cards make sure that every time you play the game, it’s never the same. These cards will further enhance you Turkeys and Eagles™ playing experience.

Booster Pack includes:
195 additional cards
65 Eagle cards | 65 Turkey Cards | 65 Wisdom cards

Character Pack

The Character Cards Pack is based on universal ethical values. The Eagle cards represent good character and right thinking. The Turkey cards are designed to highlight taken-for-granted assumptions and behaviours that might be negative or unethical. These cards challenge players to examine their own lives and to discuss challenging circumstances or behaviours that might contradict their own, their cultural, or universally accepted ethical values.

Look out for the Character Turkeys and Eagles™ board game coming soon.

One Word Cards: Thought Cards

In the Turkeys and Eagles™ starter pack the Thought Cards are composed of a series of pictures. To spice up the game and engage the players creativity, we have created the One Word card packs. These are additional Thought Cards that allow for even more creative thinking. You can mix  the One Word cards with the picture wisdom cards or simply play with them on their own. There are 5 packs of 130 cards. Players who attend the Turkeys and Eagles™ facilitators training will receive even more creative ideas as how to use the One Word cards.

Bible Memory Verse Pack 

The Bible Memory Verses Pack consists of 3 packs containing 100 cards.  Each card represents a life-giving biblical truths that players can memorise to help them “fight the good fight of faith”.  The verses are taken from a variety of translations that each highlight a crucial truth.  In some cases we have added explanatory words – in grey brackets – to enhance the reader’s understanding.  Memorising these scriptures can help players to be ready to face life’s challenges by applying the truths they have committed to memory.

Eagle Prayer Cards

The pack of Eagle Prayer Cards are designed to help players learn how to pray effective prayers that are in line with God’s will. These cards provide guidelines that enable players to pray accurately, according to the Bible. The prayers are one-liners that are quick and easy to pray as well as to meditate on throughout the day. The cards consist of different types of prayers, including prayers of surrender, adoration, supplication, intercession and declaration.