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After reading the book, Turkeys and Eagles by Peter Lord, Elsabé Diederichs was inspired by the Holy Spirit to help others get free from negative thinking patterns in a practical way. This is how the idea of this board game came about. We would like to honour Elsabé for the countless hours she put in to develop the first prototype. Turkeys and Eagles would not have been around if it was not for her. Elsabé, we salute you!

Elsabé then asked two friends, Corrie & Dewald, to go and test this newly developed game. They were leading youth outreaches in Johannesburg and began to use it to test the effectiveness of the game. The outcome was that it was a tremendous success, they saw countless young people touched by God through the game. It was an absolute game-changer … however, it’s time had not yet come and the project was put on PAUSE for the next 17 years…

Dewald never lost his passion for Turkey’s & Eagles and always dreamed of making this game available as a professionally developed product for others to make use of. Dewald and Sarah met each other in Bible College in London at IBIOL and finished their studies in 2002. They got married in 2003 and have 2 kids, Mikayla and Daniel. After many years of full-time and part-time ministry, Dewald and Sarah took a step of faith in 2017 where they devoted themselves full-time to the developing of this game.

Dewald & Sarah Scholtz

The Story

Turkeys & Eagles is based on the story of the Turkey and the Eagle. This story provides the metaphor and framework on which the game hinges. When you understand this, it provides context and meaning to the game. It is important that players listen to the story before they play. The new version of the board game has the story embedded via a QR code at the start. Click on the link and listen to the story about the turkey and the eagle.


This board game is much more than just a game… it is designed to help players discover – or rediscover – their true identity. The game guides players to realise where they have become stuck in life and reminds them that they were born to fly.

The game helps them identify thought patterns that keep them bound to the ‘ground’ like turkeys and guides them to runways that can help them to ‘fly’ like the eagles they were created to be. The game is designed to help players discover truth about themselves through questions, inputs and reflections. These truths help them to explore their true potential by confronting limiting, turkey-thinking and cultivating Christ-like eagle-mindsets.

Through playing this game we believe players will experience God’s heart of love toward them and that they will draw closer to Him as a result. The most important rule is this … Create a safe space where people can be real and authentic. When this happens, God will do the rest.

The difference between V1.0 and V2.0

The difference between
V1.0 and V2.0

Version 1.0

  • 325 Cards (+ Optional Booster Pack 195)
  • 4 Sets of Cards (Turkey, Eagle, Owl, Picture)
  • Cards are free standing
  • Draw cards from the top of pack
  • Turkey and Eagle card on 2 separate cards (this made it difficult to find the opposite)
  • Single Sided Content
  • Story in Rules Leaflet
  • Spinner & Timers

Version 2.0

  • 1000 Cards (All Included)
  • 8 x 125 Sets of Cards (Turkey, Eagle, Quote Question, Picture, Honour, Prayer & Word)
  • Cards in beautiful boxes
  • Draw cards from anywhere in pack
  • Turkey and corresponding Eagle cards (Truth & Lie) are now printed front to back
  • Double Sided Content
  • End of Game Prayer (Scan QR Code)
  • Story in Leaflet & Audio format (QR Code)
  • No Spinner & No Timers

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