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Turkeys and Eagles™️ is a board game with a 1000 playing cards that start conversations and connects people to the heart of God. READ MORE

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Turkeys and Eagles™ is a BOARD GAME that starts conversations and connects people to the heart of God. This unique board game is designed to help people see themselves through God’s eyes. It provides the perfect platform to start meaningful conversations and connect with others on a heart-to-heart level in a relaxed, fun-filled, and non-threatening environment. This game empowers players to discover truth through questions, inputs and reflections. It will also enable players to win the battlefield in their minds by overcoming negative thinking patterns (turkey cards) and replacing them with the truth (eagle cards). This game has multiple applications - from family fun at home, to cell groups, to a powerful transformational outreach tool when in the hands of a good facilitator.

What's in the Box?

1 x Game Board, 1 x Game Leaflet, 2 x Dice, 1 x Honour Board, 50 x Bookmarks, 8 x Playing Tokens and 125 Eagle cards | 125 Turkey Cards | 125 Question Cards | 125 Quote Cards | 125 Picture cards | 125 Word Cards | 125 Honour Cards | 125 Prayer Cards

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